Our Philosophy:

  • "Less is More." We aim to create products and do business with less damage to the planet and its inhabitants. We do this by making natural products, using sustainable packaging, and reducing waste through running the business as e-commerce (and the occasional local market).

Our products: 

  • Most of our products are vegan, including the Mango Butter Rum, which is made with crushed mangoes, not dairy butter! Anything with Honey or Goat's Milk is not vegan but it is naturally sourced. If our product contains Palm Oil, it is Responsibly Sourced as defined by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).
  • We make 100% natural soap: no synthetic agents, no dyes, no scents, or no detergents (SLSs/SLEs). We do not use any preservatives, surfectants, or parabens.  Even though many products common in skin care products are natural -- such as mica coloring -- we do not use it because it can irritate the skin an. Similarly, we do not use other common ingredients that are known irritants, such as Sodium Laureth Sulfate or Sodium Stearate, even if it is labeled "safe" in "limited" use. 

Our packaging & product chain:

  • We are plastic free! All of our packaging is recycled or recyclable. We shred paper label scraps instead of using bubble wrap or other shipping material.
  • We are ecoconscious. By limiting sales to e-commerce, we take up no retail space, reduce driving to a store, and use less electricity.
  • We buy local. We make every effort to buy local. Our ingredients and materials come from US businesses, especially small businesses.